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Using Pickering Drivers in CVI

Most Pickering drivers include a CVI wrapper to permit full operation of the Pickering product from the LabWindows/CVI environment.
The process of controlling a Pickering product normally consists of the following steps:
  1. Open a control session on the product
  2. Use functions in the library to operate the product
  3. Close the control session

In the case of LXI products there is an additional step to establish a communication session on the remote LXI device prior to opening the control session on the hardware. This communication session should also be terminated when no longer required.
The CVI libraries are wrappers of the underlying low level driver and full detals of the functions can be found in the corresponding low level driver documentation.

Following are simple examples of the use of the most common Pickering drivers. These examples can be downloaded by clicking on the link below the images.
In all examples, the program opens a card, obtains it's card identity, operates a single switch and then closes the card.

PXI VISA Driver - pipx40

down_button.PNGdocument-icon.pngView pipx40 driver documentation - help file

PXI Direct IO Driver - pilpxi

down_button.PNGdocument-icon.pngView pilpxi driver documentation - help file

IVI Driver - pi40iv


down_button.PNGdocument-icon.pngView pi40iv driver documentation - help file

LXI DIrect IO Driver - piplx (and picmlx)

down_button.PNGdocument-icon.pngView piplx driver documentation - help file

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